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Feedback from our customers

Highly recommend the remap for

Highly recommend the remap for d22 zd30 navara by far the best mod I’ve done , pleasure to deal with Jamie fast reply’s to any questions thanks again

Anthony Selwood
D22 ZD30

One of the best mods I’ve done to my d22 so far

10/10 can’t recommend one of Jamie’s remaps enough! Installation took me about 15 minutes and I had no idea what I was doing before I started. Thanks again Jamie your a legend!

Jamie Rodgers-Falk
ZD30 d22

What a difference!

I am absolutely stoked with the mail order ecm I have received from Jamie. The turn around time was 3 days and the tune makes my D22 feel like it has been towing a loaded car trailer all its life! Very happy customer and I will be recommending boarder automotive engineering and tuning to all my friends who also have navaras.
Thank you kindly mate.

James Phillips
D22 nav ZD30DI

Wish I’d done it sooner !

Best mod I’ve done so far, no more turning the ac off when I need to go up a hill or overtake someone. So much more torque.

Matthew Hammond
D22 Zd30


Top notch. I spent $1200 on a previous custom tune, this slams it especially at half the price. Very little turbo lag, very linear and quite a bit more power. I love it and Jamie was awesome to talk to very honest in what he says and knowledgeable in what he does. I’ll be sending anyone who asks about a tune his way.

Jake Chamberlain
YD25 D22

Game changer

Car went from struggling at 100 on the flat to climbing up hill to 120 with ease, car even idles better

Bryce cox
D22 3ltr

Night and day difference wakes

Night and day difference wakes up the car and makes is super driveable once you get it you will question why it took you so long to get

Mile harding
Yd25 d22

Worth every cent

In all honesty I was a little sceptical you could get more out of an old zd navara. Over the years I did the mods to improve the running and longevity of this engine. Then bitting the bullet recently get an exhaust after starting to tow a trailer which improved towing substantially, but.. never could I imaging the improvement this remapping would achieve, don’t think I need to sell it for Baet. Spend the money. I’m going to have fun running this old ute around for plenty more years now. Thanks

Scott Newton
Zd30 di Nav

Great results

before my d22 was a slut and barely pulled up hills, now it’s climbing hills in 5th gear and instant power when i accelerate. quick and easy mod , well worth the money!

nick godwin
d22 zd30


Don’t think twice about buying this remap, I wish I had of done it a year and a half ago.
The best modification I’ve ever bought for a car. The Ute is actually drivable and can keep up with patrols on the road!! pushes along 32s like it’s nothing.
Shout out to Jamie knobel, absolutely a great a bloke and great information. Thank you !

Kyle Mischke
Zd30 d22