YD25 D22 Manual Boost Controller Installation

This guide will show you how to install a Manual Boost Controller also known as a “Boost T”.

A boost controller will allow you to increase the amount of boost your car is running from standard. Fitting a remapped ECU you will be required to run a minimum of 20PSI depending on the tune you have.

If you have any issues please contact us for assistance.

Step 1: Install Boost Controller

The boost controller is installed inline with the turbo wastegate actuator boost sense hose which goes from the compressor outlet of the turbo to the top of the wastegate actuator.

The boost controller has a specific orientation it needs to be in to function correctly. Please consult the install guide specific to your particular boost controller on how this is identified.

The Aeroflow boost controller we have pictured here is marking with W/G on the front and this marking indicates which port connects to the wastegate actuator. (some controllers use an arrow to indicate airflow direction and need to be installed with the arrow pointing towards the wastegate actuator)

The photos below show the above orientation as well as where the controller plugs in to.

Step 2: Install Boost Gauge

A boost gauge can be temporarily or permanently installed depending on your requirements. For temporary installation of a mechanical gauge its as simple as installing the splitter on the pressure source side of the manual boost controller (not the wastegate actuator side) and running the hose through a gap in the bonnet and into the car via a window etc.

We don’t currently have any photos of this so if you have any issues or questions please give us a call.

Step 3: Set Boost Pressure

Once the boost controller has been fitted you will need to set the boost pressure.

Start with winding the knob on the boost controller all the way to the – (minus) side and start with 15-20 turns towards the + (plus) side.

Go for a drive and keep an eye on the boost gauge to see what the peak pressure is. To achieve peak boost you’ll want to be in 3rd gear doing at least 2500-3000rpm with full accelerator pedal.

If your peak boost reading is below the desired setpoint (less than 20PSI) turn the knob a few clicks towards the + (plus) and test again. If the reading is too high turn the knob a few clicks to the – (minus) and test again.

Continue testing until the desired setpoint is reached.