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Mail Order Tuning

Don’t have a local trusted tuner?

We offer remote and mail order tuning for most diesel powered vehicles.

Dyno Tuning

Want to have your vehicle verified and tuned on our chassis dyno?

We offer custom in-house dyno tuning that will result in a tune designed for your specific vehicle, mods and driving style. It’s a great option if you want to make the most out of the engine or want us to verify the operating state of the vehicle.

Towing, overtaking, turbo lag, and limp mode
are the biggest running concerns with a turbo diesel powered vehicle.


Here at Border Automotive Engineering and Tuning we provide Dyno Tuning and Mail Order Remapping services.

What is our difference?

We Are Master Tuners

We possess in-depth expertise in understanding the intricacies of combustion engines and electronic fuel injection systems.

With our team of experienced professionals, we develop custom tunes and solutions, delivering on-the-spot support and comprehensive technical know-how.

By writing our own tunes, we ensure complete control over the optimisation process. We are fully aware of the ways you use your machinery and the rationale behind them, eliminating the need for third-party involvement to relay information to you.

Did You Know?


Almost all turbo diesel powered vehicles sold have been engineered to deliver a certain power level from factory that allows the vehicles to pass various testing including emissions tests. Generally speaking turbo diesel engines are capable of making much more power than what they were released with from factory.

What Can We Do?


We are able to take the factory calibration (or tune) and modify it in a way that achieves many things including more power and torque, less turbo lag, more accelerator pedal response, reduced limp mode issues, disabled EGR systems, shortened glow plug times, etc. Conservative gains from 20% can be achieved with ease.

Tuning Vehicle
Remapped ECU

Fuel Efficiency

Increase in fuel efficiency by up to 15% (Dependent on vehicle and driving style)

Power and Torque

Typical increases of 20-30% on completely stock vehicles with no supporting mods. (Vehicle dependant)


More linear and responsive throttle response resulting in smoother acceleration and control

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Our History

Border Automotive Engineering and Tuning started life from a hobby and passion in diesel performance. We started with a primary focus on the Nissan ZD30 D22 Navara back in 2012 and have developed tunes for lightly and heavily modified vehicles and everything in between.

We then added tooling and knowledge which equipped us to tune everything and anything. We have a 2WD chassis dyno and focus on diesel tuning including the Ag and machine sector.

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