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We can remap a stock vehicle however with supporting modifications such as a bigger turbo back exhaust system we are able to get more performance gains from the vehicle. If you don’t have any supporting modifications and are contemplating some a larger exhaust system is a great place to start. If you you like to keep it on the legal and slightly quieter side with minimal exhaust drone we would recommend at least one muffler and of course a catalytic converter.

Fuel economy can be a difficult think to quantify especially when you’ve just installed a remapped ECU and are keen to use the extra power and torque available to you.

If your driving style hasn’t changed from when you fitted the remapped ECU increases in fuel economy up to 15-20% can be had but again it depends on the car and driving style.

Generally speaking fuel economy won’t be that much better in the first couple of weeks, let’s call it the ‘honeymoon period’ when people like to drive harder than they normally would because of the extra power. After this period when driving styles relax and go back to how they were pre-tune fuel economy will usually appear better.

We aim to stay on the more conservative side of things especially when it comes to mail order tunes. Each car is slightly different and staying on the conservative side allows us to keep each car reliable without putting each and every car on the dyno.

With nearly 95% of customers purchasing mail order remapped ECUs due to not being local you can be sure that the process and tunes have been well tested and trusted over the years.

Over 1000 mail order remapped ECUs have been completed over the last 6 years with complete customer satisfaction.

A mail order remapped ECU to suit your supporting modifications has been developed on the dyno and dyno tested on a range of cars with the same/similar supporting mods to allow for some variation to show. A remote testing group is selected and further variation testing to completed or non-local customers have the tune verified on the dyno by their local performance shop. Once the tune is proven it is the sold onto customers that don’t necessarily need to have their car verified on the dyno.

If customers are local to the Albury/Wodonga area and would like a dyno tune please contact us and we can arrange a time to do so.

We started remapping as more of a personal endeavor rather than a business adventure so we started out with low pricing. We have minimal overheads as well compared to some performance shops. The main cost savings come from not having a dedicated shop and dyno.

We affiliate with a couple of local performance shops on the border as well as one in Melbourne where we do any dyno work we require.

These cost savings are passed onto our customers.

Swapping over an ECU is a simple process and can usually be done in under 10 minutes by someone with basic hand tools and the knowledge on how to use them.

For specific fitting instructions please see the product page.

All orders are sent out via an Australia Post Express Post service. If you’re in the Australia Post Next Business day network it will usually be next business day from time of dispatch. Please visit the Australia Post website for more information.

The lead time on the ECU itself from time of order to dispatch will depend on how many orders are in the pipeline at the time. Generally 2-3 business days is normal however during busy times this can be a week or two.

Please contact us if you would like a current dispatch ETA.

The D22 Navara doesn’t have an immobiliser which allows us to easier do an exchange of ECUs where we send you a remapped ECU first, you swap them over and then send your stock ECU back to us to remap for the next customer. Your car won’t have any down time other than the 10 minutes it takes to swap the ECU over.

If you want to retain your stock ECU then you will need to send us your ECU to remap and your car will be off the road during this time. We can generally turn ECUs around overnight but please contact ahead of time for scheduling.

This all depends on how much power you want to make. A stock car can be remapped but at a minimum we usually recommend a larger (3″ for example) turbo back exhaust system.

If you would like more information on recommended mods please contact us with your details and what you want to achieve and we will be able to make a recommendation for you.

Our standard base level tunes gain around 25% peak torque and power. We have tunes for up to 250% gains in power (approx 190rwkw) with proper supporting modifications.

Please contact us for a recommendation.

The amount of boost you can run will depend on many factors. The main factors being the supporting mods installed and how much power you want to make.

We have tunes to support mods to allow for up to 38 PSI.

A remapped ECU will not change your gearing so your RPMs at certain vehicle speeds will not change.

We have relationships with tuners in Albury and Melbourne and are able to dyno tune your vehicle if requested.

We are also happy to work with your local tuner as we have done previously with remote tuning and have had great success in doing so.

Most tuners aren’t able to tune the ZD30di Navara and Patrol ECUs. There are a handful in Australia that can and we are proud to be one of them.

A remapped ECU is an ECU (Engine Control Unit) also referred to as a PCM (Powertrain Control Module) or ECM (Engine Control Module) that has had some of the values on it changed from what they were from factory.

An ECU contains many ‘maps’ or lookup tables that the ECU uses to know certain things for example how much fuel to inject given a certain throttle position and engine RPM. We modify these tables/maps much like the manufacturer would have during factory testing/tuning during vehicle development to make the car act and drive how we want it to.