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Feedback from our customers

Jamie is a zd30 wizard

I’ve had 2 mail order tunes done by Jamie both for zd30di patrols. Absolutely the best thing I have ever done. So much more torque and power and no more throttle lag. Extremely easy to deal with and such a quick turn around. Thanks Jamie! Would recommend this upgrade to anyone with a zd30di!

Bradley Howell
Zd30di GU patrol

Best in the business!!

Great service and knowledge, Jamie didn’t hesitate to answer with any question I had and can’t be more happier with the product, the ol nav definitely got a few extra ponies under the hood.

Henry Geddes
Zd30 Navara

Dyno Tuned ZD30DI Patrol

Gidday mate. Over 3 tanks of fuel, about 100L each, I get 19L/100km towing our caravan.

I don’t spare the pedal. I was running along 100kph on the highway. If i nursed it I would probably get better. It has exceeded my expectations. I cant believe how much extra power it has. It’s like a new car.

David Siacci
ZD30DI Patrol