Terms & conditions

Exchange Customers

  1. Lead times are generally listed on the product page which specifies approximate time from purchase to dispatch. This includes payment so for bank transfer payments that may take a few days to clear the lead time may be extended depending on clearing times.
  2. A pre-paid return post bag is included with the sale along with packaging material used on the ECU sent to you. It is expected that the return ECU (your stock ECU or equivalent) is packaged in a manner that protects the ECU the same if not better than we sent to you originally. If any damage occurs due to improper packaging the customer is liable for repair or replacement.
  3. It is expected, unless arranged with us previous to the sale that if you expect delays in installing the remapped ECU and therefore delays in returning the stock/original ECU to us greater than two weeks, it is expected that the outright option is purchased.
  4. If the stock/original ECU is not returned to us and no response from the customer has been acknowledged within 1 month your details will be passed onto our debt collector to chase up payment. Any fees BAET occurs during this process will be passed on to the customer. The debt collector will be chasing an amount of money equal to or greater (if fees incurred) than the difference between the exchange and outright option for the product purchased. This price will include any price increases and is based off the pricing at the time the case is given to the debt collector.