Why did I not do this sooner!

I have owned my patrol for 7 years and always percerviered that its a 3t+ brick on wheels just accept the performance. Overtaking was always nerve wracking, uphills meant chasing gears and dropping speed, 35s offroad meant anything above 1st gear high range was useless…

Recently had the car off the road prepping it for a big trip and decided to send my ecu to this business for a remap. I can only summise that this remap has completely transformed the car, I just got back from a 4500km trip to Alice Springs, Finke and Simpson desert, car averaged 12l per 100 loaded, overtaking is now seemingly effortless, held speed uphills in 5th gear cruise control set and drove the entire simpson desert in 2nd and 3rd gear high range big sand dunes and all. Biggest proving factor was I took a friend for a drive and he commented on the night and day difference only a few hundred metres down the road, the low down torque is very noticeable.

Best bang for buck mod I have ever done! I now dont even consider the idea of an engine conversion on my patrol.

Thanks Jamie

Brodie Noble

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