Nissan GU Patrol ZD30 CRD Remap – Send In



Our current turn around time for the ZD30 CRD GU Patrol is 1-2 business days. Depending on the time of day that your ECU arrives to us we may be able to turn it around same day.

This is for our send in service. The Gu Patrols have an immobiliser that keeps your ECU bound to your immobiliser module. These can be recoded but this service is for remapped the ECU from your vehicle. For other potential solutions/work-arounds please contact us.

The Process:

  1. You purchase this product from our store. Listing performance modifications during checkout.
  2. Send us your ECU for remapping by following the instructions listed in our guides page. Use the following address:
    • Border Tuning Services
    • 86 Commercial Street
    • Walla Walla NSW 2659
    • 0260 410 710
  3. We prepare your ECU with a tune to suit your supporting mods.
  4. ECU is sent to you via an Australia Post Express service. If you require a different freight service within Australia or Overseas please contact us.
  5. Once received you reinstall your remapped ECU following our instructions.

Prerequisites (Things required to supply you with a remapped ECU):

  1. Increase Boost: We recommend aftermarket boost control like a Tillix Kit or a Dawes valve or any of the aftermarket VNT manual controllers. The stage 1 tune requires 20 PSI if boost pressure.

Sample of results from the dyno:

Tune Info:

This vehicle came to us completely stock performance wise. We installed a Tillix kit and gave it a tune. These results are fairly typical on our mail order tune.

With greater gains in the bottom end and midrange than what the peak figures show the driveability whether towing, on road or off-road is vastly improved.

Tune Info:

This vehicle came to us previously tuned by another shop. The customer wasn’t happy with the outcome from the previous tuner so came to us to tidy it up.

This vehicle had a front mount intercooler, +30& Injectors and a highflow turbo from UFI. Pushing 28PSI with a Tillix kit it saw decent power. The customers biggest issue with the previous tune was the lack of power and torque in the bottom end. As you can see we managed to bump torque at approx 1500rpm from 170NM to 360NM and power from 22kW to 50kW.

The final dyno graph (lines with squares along them) has a dip at approx 2100 rpm due to the Tillix kit installed. Spool rate was set a high to help out in the bottom end which resulted in a slight surge. The customer was recommened to source a different boost controller as the spring in the Tillix kit is too stiff for this application.

Tune Info:

The vehicle was fitted with a Gturbo G300 turbo, +100% injectors, front mount intercooler and a 3″ exhaust. Power was limited by the intake setup which remained mostly stock. Pushing approx 32PSI this made some solid power.

Custom Dyno Tuning

We are able to dyno tune your vehicle if you’re local to Albury to get the most out of it which will generally be more than the gains from a mail order tune as our mail order tunes are designed to be conservative/safe for the process. On the dyno we are able to health check your car and tailor a tune to suit.

Furthering our Mail Order Tunes

If you have performance mods that you want to make the most of we can tailor a tune for you. We will continue to develop more levels of mail order tunes as time, demand and local customers permit (we require vehicles with the same supporting mods to tune with) so if you have a certain requirement please feel free to contact us.